Bjork’s Future

An immersive mini-site dedicated to Bjork’s future powered by Zubr and Yadda’s VR content management system, Enso Experience.



Zubr VR created this interDOUGHmensional slice of AR for the launch party of Yadda’s local food review platform, Mmmyum.


Dome Tools

A Powerful, Open-source plugin for the Unity engine that allows anyone to convert their content to the Fulldome format.


Sleep Conference: Hotel Experience

Attendees of the Sleep Conference in London explored the future of Hotel design with our fully interactive, room-scale HTC Vive experience.


Banksy Scans

One of our first experiments with 3D scanning and photogrammetry saw us making the most of the urban art on our doorstep.


VR LA Showcase

A window to a Wild West movie scene appears before your eyes in this simple but powerful experience for VR Scout’s VRLA After Party.


Augmented Reality Book

City of Bristol College students worked with us to create a beautiful, illustrated book where a different stage and performer comes to life on each page.


Immersion Dance

An experimental, Arts Council-funded R&D project to explore the potential of volumetric capture and augmentation of dance performances.


Test Lab

Anyone can create an amazing 3D hologram of themselves with the world’s first automated 4D scanning installation in the At-Bristol Science Centre.