Zubr VR is a digital studio in Bristol UK,
bringing creative ideas to life with accessible cutting-edge technology.



Founders Jack Norris and James Biggs met at a leading augmented reality company in 2011, and spent the following years building their expertise before forming Zubr VR in 2014. We formed our company to mobilise on the perfect storm of smartphone, game engine and 3D scanning technologies, which had only just matured enough to support truly compelling immersive experiences.

Our unique approach to development led to our six areas of specialism, which you can see on our Expertise page – each one providing a powerful and more engaging alternative to some conventional VR experiences you may already be familiar with.

Virtual Reality is a new sector that has not matured enough to offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We are a playful, creative studio continually researching new ways to engage audiences and develop amazing experiences.

Jack Norris – Managing Director |  James Biggs – Business Director
Chris Price – Creative Director |  Lukasz Borowski – Lead Developer
Josh Humphreys – 3D Specialist | Georgia McColl – Illustrator
Victor Eremin – Unity Specialist |  Wojciech Pawęzowski – Developer
Laika Beane  – Lead Tester





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