Time to unveil Zubr VR’s Realtime M.R. Video System!

(tl;dr – We made a groundbreaking realtime VR camera comping kit. We want to make Broadcast partners. Contact us.) 

2016 was a big year for us.

Zubr more than doubled in size and business activity, and we’re on track to do the same again in 2017. So, what have we been up to?


Today, we’ve very proud to unveil a neat little project we’ve been working on with Yadda and Crack Magazine as part of Bjork in Focus. It’s a simple but powerful immersive environment where you can look around at some exclusive content from this month’s Bjork features in Crack Magazine.


It’s been a busy year here at Zubr VR, and we’ve gone through a lot of changes – the most recent of which is the overhaul of our website (welcome, by the way).  

Recently we have been engaging closely with some fantastic people and companies around the world. We have built relationships with Trainrobber, Yadda, Calvium, Mimesys, Wolf & Wood and At-Bristol to name a few, and together with them we’re working on some really interesting projects. For example, our Test Lab project with At-Bristol is the first of its kind anywhere in the world; an automated system capturing incredible 4D scans of its visitors and rendering them as augmented holograms on the table in front of you. There’ll soon be some really exciting upgrades applied to this, increasing the quality of the scanning, and allowing visitors to see their holograms on the moon, amongst other places!